iFootpath and DogWalksYorkshire Become One

iFootpath and DogWalksYorkshire Become One

iFootpath and DogWalksYorkshire Become One

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iFootpath is pleased to announce that it is now the proud owner of another excellent walking website, DogWalksYorkshire. As current iFootpath customers know, our mission in life is to make walking accessible, fun and stress-free for seasoned walkers and newcomers alike. When we first came across the DogWalksYorkshire website we were pleased to find like-minded folk with a similar ethos, albeit specifically aimed at dog walkers in Yorkshire. When we learned that the current DogWalksYorkshire team were looking to pass on the baton to someone that could take their website forward, we were pleased to step up and offer to do just that.

DogWalksYorkshire currently hosts around 40 printable walking guides, with turn-by-turn directions and photographs, offering suggestions for great adventures for walkers and their four-legged friends. Previously championed by Corina and Izzy the Norfolk Terrier, the website has been lovingly populated ith excellent guides that customers have come to love. The iFootpath team – Claire, Richard and Bobbie the Standard Poodle – are thrilled to take on the baton and we are relishing the prospect of continuing to grow and improve the guides on offer.

We will continue to manage and promote both websites, iFootpath and DogWalksYorkshire, in parallel. Over the coming months all the DogWalksYorkshire walking routes will also be made available via the iFootpath App giving customers the added benefit of following the walking guides on their phones, including a live GPS-based map that shows your progress as you walk. As we continue to grow the iFootpath nationwide walking library (750 walking guides and counting), we will also add the relevant walks to DogWalksYorkshire meaning both websites will continue to flourish. We would like to welcome all the customers of DogWalksYorkshire to the iFootpath family – it is great to have you join us on the iFootpath adventure.

You can view all the iFootpath walks here on Dog Walks Yorkshire  – iFootpath Digital Walking guides map.

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